Birthday Parties and Groups

The Colour Cauldron is a great place for birthday parties or other group bookings. The studio can accommodate up to 30 people and for 6 people or more, £13.50 per head gives you a choice of ceramics to paint. The party is booked for a 2 hour slot, usually 11 am to 1 pm or 2pm to 4pm, which is an hour and a half of painting, followed by half an hour of food-time. Bricks on site restaurant offers party boxes of food for £6.95 per head or you are welcome to bring your own. For bookings please call Jane on 01483 548652 or email


Groups of up to 16 can all sit together on one long table and the studio can accommodate up to 26 people.

CORPORATE TEAM BUILDING- forget abseiling and white-water rafting, paint a mug for each other ! It’s a new exercise in trust, do you trust your colleague to paint you a mug that reflects your personal qualities ? (don’t forget to check underneath) Half price studio fee for groups of 6 or more.

HEN PARTIES- gone are the days of going out clubbing dressed in matching party animal T shirts, pottery painting is the way forward ! Your group of ladies (men in drag welcome) can paint something to help them remember the occasion, which they may need, depending on how much Bubbly is quaffed. Half price studio fee for groups of 6+.    ( In normal opening hours)