Therapeutic Leisure


A great way to enjoy each others company.

Leisure time with family and friends is important for our general well being, and doing something creative together can be really beneficial in many ways. Whilst focusing our minds and using our imagination, the creative process also has a calming effect on our bodies. It can be particularly helpful for people with busy/stressful lives, who may find it hard to “unwind”.
Whilst it is enjoyable to paint in the colours we choose and in a style that we like, it is also a great pleasure to have a product of our own creation in the finished piece. Some people will paint with a relaxed flourish, and some with care and attention to detail, but the only way to paint is your OWN way, and to enjoy the creative process.


Whilst part of your brain focuses on the creative process, the other parts are able to relax.

If you haven’t painted pottery before, come to The Colour Cauldron and stimulate your mind by trying something new, and if you have done it before, come and renew that arty spirit and find your mo-jo again.
Meditation is good for inner peace, The Colour Cauldron is great for painting-peace, and it makes a change from going to the pub. (you can always go there afterwards !)


Enjoyable and fun !


Painting calms and rejuvinates the spirit.